The Best Water Filters For Outdoor Kitchens

The Best Water Filters For Outdoor KitchensOutdoor kitchens can be a popular feature for many families wanting to spend some extra time outside or entertain with outdoor facilities. These outdoor kitchens often come with many of the amenities that you would find in a traditional kitchen. Whether you are accessing it at your kitchen for a bar and grilling station or you just need access to a simple outdoor tap, making sure that you are using a water filtration system for an outdoor space is just as important as using one in your kitchen tap. Your whole home water filtration system may not cover the outdoor taps and water supply. If you are going to be using any type of outdoor sink or water system in an outdoor kitchen, you need to consider filtration options so you can enjoy the same clean water that you’ve been enjoying outside with your new kitchen. What are the best water filters for outdoor kitchens?

Research has proven that water filtration systems can provide some of the safest drinking water. They can also prevent the chance that you will have to continuously throw out bottles of water during your outdoor activities. Even though the outdoor water supply is safe to drink, it may not taste the same as the water supply that you’re getting from your interior spaces and the water may need to travel in a different path than it would for the interior of your home picking up a series of new contaminants.

Water supply lines for the outdoors will often use trace lines of lead. This is labeled as an unsafe exposure especially for any outdoor kitchen. Making sure that you have your water tested for the presence of lead and other contaminants is important for assessing the ideal type of filter you should be using. Most of these substances are completely tasteless but they can lead to problems with your health when you ingest them over time. A point of entry water filter is what you could be using to handle your whole home water filtration system. Point of entry devices are perfect for handling the interior lines of your water supply. The only problem with a point of entry line is that they are typically not designed to connect up with your external taps or the hoses in your home. As there’s a difference between the groundwater and the interior water supply, you may want to consider the option of a point of use purifying filter to keep your outdoor kitchen water supply at it’s safest. A point of use water supply will be responsible for filtering the water directly at the site of your outdoor kitchen. It will regularly use items like an activated carbon filter to remove sediment and silt from the water as well as other contaminants. The charcoal will absorb all of these particles and make sure that the water coming out of your outdoor faucet is completely safe for use.

Reverse osmosis systems can also be highly effective for improving the water supply outside. A reverse osmosis system can often remove more contaminants from your water supply and can even help with a water supply from salt water sources if required.

If you would like assistance in an outdoor kitchen water filter solution for your home, contact our staff today. It’s crucial for you to access a system for the exterior of your home if you are planning on putting in a kitchen!