The Advantages Of Water Softeners 

Are you finding that the color of your clothes are fading? Are your dishes stained even after just being washed? Are you constantly battling lime and chalk residue buildups in your bathroom? Unfortunately, you are probably looking at a hard water issue in your home. While this can be a pain to deal with and live with, there are solutions that can not only make your life a little easier, but also end up saving your money in the long run. Water softener systems help solve your hard water issues by working to remove minerals, excess calcium and magnesium, and other contaminants that help add up to hard water. There are numerous advantages of water softeners that many consumers do not know about!

A New Life For Clothing

Washing your clothes in hard water can result in dulled colors, but it can also cause your detergent to scum, which results in your clothing not being cleaned as thoroughly as they should be. Using a water softener can not only save the bright, brilliant colors of all your laundry and clothing, but also help them be a lot cleaner, as well. Bright colors will remain bright, and your whites will remain white. 

Save Money On 

Appliances: When you have hard water, it will cause buildups of calcium and debris within faucets, pipes and other appliances around your home. These build ups can cause a lot of issues such as rusting. Soft water doesn’t cause build ups, which can help save you on repairs down the line.

Cleaning: Soft water makes lathering a lot easier. This means that the amount of soap and shampoo that you need during your day-to-day cleaning rituals will be a lot less, making your products last you a lot longer. 

Bills: Because soft water does not result in build ups within your pipes, you can rely on even water pressure, which means your water heater does not need to work as hard as before in order to push the water through the pipes. Soft water can see a 20-30 percent reduction in energy use over the course of a year. 

Skin And Hair Health

Washing your hair with hard water can leave it looking a little dull, and your skin can become dry and even itchy. Simply put, hard water is not great at nourishing your hair and your skin. It actually does the opposite – it dries both right out. Soap doesn’t dissolve as it should, minerals settle into the skin, and this creates a residue that leaves you rough and dry. Soft water will allow you to hold a lot more moisture and have a deeper, more refreshing cleaned skin and hair.

Cut Down On Cleaning Time 

If you have lived with hard water, you have lived in a world where clean is never clean enough and the task is never completed. You wash all of the dishes and they all immediately have a residue on them. Soap scum stains dance across the tile in the bathroom, creeping up the sink and flecking the faucets. You scrub, but the spot never comes out. With soft water, it is a totally different story. Soft water mixed with day-to-day household cleaners actually leave your home clean, with no residue left behind. This will not only end up saving you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning, but it can also save you a lot of money when it comes to running out of your cleaners more often, or needing to invest in heavy duty cleaning supplies in hopes they cut down the residue. 

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