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Whole Home Filtration SystemsIf you experience build up on the shower heads, clouded ice cubes, dry or itchy skin after a shower, and dull or limp hair then you are experiencing hard water. It is no secret that 85% of Florida homes have hard water and we are the second worst state in the nation for it. During a study conducted by the Safe Drinking Water Act they found 80,000 water violations and of those 12,000 of them were hazardous to your health. No wonder Florida ranked second worst in the nation! A water softener is the best solution to fixing all those issues! 

So how can a water softener even help?


The water softener uses a process called ion exchange to remove several hard elements from your water such as calcium, magnesium, lime, iron, and much more. These are all the thick elements that you see building up around your shower head, in your appliances, etc. In fact, removing all of these elements increases the life of all of your appliances (water heater, washer, etc) by 50%. This saves you a whole lot of money in the long run. This is just an added benefit in addition to increasing your overall health by filtering out all of these elements. 

Eco Water Solutions offers a variety of different water softener systems to help resolve all of your hard water needs. An Eco Water Solutions specialist will come to your home, test your water, assess and review the results with you. We will build a custom softener to ensure your water is soft and pure. We use the highest grade resin and parts in our industry to ensure that each and every customer is left with the purest water possible. In addition, all of our work comes with a labor and parts warranty!

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