Residential Water Filters: What Is Best For You?

Residential Water Filters: What Is Best For You?While there is nothing overtly wrong with drinking tap water, we’ve all had that first experience with reverse osmosis, distilled, or water passed through a filtration system. After years of experiencing the earthy taste of minerals and contaminants in our drinking water, distilled water almost tasted like a first sip from a desert oasis. Filtered water not only tastes better than tap water, it is also infinitely safer as well. Tap water has filtration standards that the city is forced to meet, but those standards are only guaranteed while the city checks it in their plants. After the water leaves the plant and travels the pipelines to your home, it’s fair game for harmful contaminants and unwanted minerals to start to work their way in. By the time the water reaches your tap, who knows how much unwanted extras it has picked up. In order to combat this issue, Florida residents are turning to residential water filters to purify their water and free it of contaminants and minerals that make it hard.

Whole House Filters

These residential water filters work to remove hard water causing contaminants from most water sources in your home. These filters are best at producing softer, more enjoyable water for activities like showering or for simpler things like washing your dishes or the laundry. What is incredible about softening your water is that it helps everything run smoothly and more efficiently. For example, when a laundry machine has access to smooth water, it produces smoother, cleaner clothes. It also operates more efficiently and wastes less energy. In addition to this, hard water causes iron build up in areas where it flows, this build up over time works to degrade and damage your machine. By saving your appliances from this stress you work to protect your valuable investments and get more out of your wallet! Soft water is also a blessing for health as well! Our skin and hair can become irritated from the contaminants that are present in hard water, over time this can cause things like hair loss and skin damage! By installing a whole house filter and softening your water, you protect you and your family from this! 

Reverse Osmosis

By forcing water through an extremely fine, thin membrane, you can filter out upwards of 99% of impurities and contaminants from your water supply. The only drawback is that this form of water purification tends to be wasteful with water, so it is not practical for a whole house system. However, they work incredibly well in point of access settings, such as under your kitchen sink! By having a reverse osmosis system set up in your kitchen, you will gain access to the most purified form of water! Reverse osmosis water is delicious to drink, and you can tell the quality difference when you make drinks or cook with it as well. The system works to purify the water from your tap and then it stores this water in a tank for future use. The water then comes out of an installed spigot, usually to the right or left of the main faucet. 

Whether you want a whole home filtration system to access the benefits of soft water or you’re looking for a smaller, reverse osmosis solution, Eco Water Solutions of Florida has you covered! Contact us today for more information on residential water filters and what works best for you!