Removing Fluoride From Your Water

A home water filtration system is one of the most beneficial systems that you can install for your family. Home water filtration can improve the overall odor, taste and quality of your water. Most home water comes with a variety of contaminants that make their way into modern plumbing systems even after the treatment plant has done its work. Most of the types of impurities like chlorine and fluoride have made their way through as a result of the cleaning process with your home water supply. Fluoride is naturally occurring or added into most tap water across the United States. Removing fluoride from your water can be advantageous and you can easily remove this from your water supply with the help of a quality water filtration system. 


Fluoride is a common chemical element that is added into the water supply or found naturally. It works to protect your teeth from bacteria and plaque and it also helps you to avoid tooth decay. You typically get fluoride already in doses through your toothpaste and other dental products. 

Fluoride has been added into most tap and bottled water in small doses to enhance the oral health of Americans. It’s fairly common practice for treatment plants to add fluoride into the tap water or to have measurements of fluoride in the water supply that occur naturally. 

Why It Needs To Be Removed

Keeping fluoride in your water supply is relatively safe and it’s very unlikely that you will likely notice any type of taste, smell or change to your water by keeping it. There are however, many countries that have banned the use of fluoride in tap water because they were discovering that many of their citizens were over consuming amounts of fluoride. A child who is three or four years old for example could be receiving more fluoride than an adult male that would be unaffected by the dose. 

Ongoing exposure to larger doses of fluoride can often lead to problems with lowered IQ and development, early-onset arthritis, kidney disease and potentially even cancer. In areas where fluoride is still consistently added to the tap water, there are elevated rates of each of these conditions. 

Being able to have extra control over your water supply can be powerful for your family. It ensures that you will only be getting fluoride for your oral health in oral health products. You won’t be getting access to extra supplies of fluoride from your tap water or risking the chance that you could be overexposing your children or family to extra fluoride. 

Removing Fluoride From Your Tap Water

The easiest way to remove fluoride from your tap water is by using a whole home water treatment system. Reverse osmosis systems as well as tap water filtration systems are quite beneficial in removing fluoride completely from your tap water. Working with an expert in water filtration can make sure that you can safely remove fluoride from your home water supply and have greater control over the water that you drink every day. 

If you would like more information on how you can remove fluoride from your water supply and the best type of water filtration system that you could use for your home, contact us today!