Potential Cancer-Causing Contaminants in Tap Water

Facing the chance of a cancer diagnosis is most people’s worst nightmare. Whether you have gone through the experience with a family member or seen it on TV, the thought of having to endure the disease means turning towards every prevention method possible. 

Ditching junk food and working towards a healthier diet, quitting drinking or smoking as well as limiting our exposure to the sun or toxic chemicals. One of the main items that people tend to neglect in their methods for reducing cancer risks is looking towards their tap water. When we turn on the tap, we assume that the water inside the tap is going to be free of contaminants and healthy for us. It is likely that your local township and state authorities have assured you and the people living around you that your water is safe to drink. 

Under federal regulations, tap water needs to meet the standards which are set out by the government. Under these legal standards, there can be a complex mixture of various contaminants and they can pose a substantial risk for various forms of cancer.

Scientists that work at the environmental working group or EWG have found that there are 22 carcinogens commonly found in tap water. Their analysis suggests that the most commonly occurring out of these items is arsenic from disinfectants in the water supply. Radioactive contaminants can also present in the water supply which can lead to an increased risk of cancer. 

The US has some of the safest water supply in the world, but there are still Americans that are developing cancer as a result of their tap water. Here are some of the top contaminants that you may find in your water supply.


This is a highly toxic chemical that is common in mining, copper smelting, and coal. The chemical compound is common in the water supply in areas like LA, Tucson, and throughout the great lakes. It enters into the water supply through the groundwater in mineral deposits. Changing over to a filtered water supply for the water that you are drinking can remove arsenic from your water supply as trace amounts of it can still be found in some bottled water. 


Nitrate can be a dangerous component of drinking water to your health as well. It is a chemical that is naturally occurring in fertilizers. The chemical can change drinking water quality and affect the water supply in many agricultural areas. Nitrate is extremely common if you draw your water supply from well water.


PFA’s are defined as forever chemicals because they can build up in our bodies and stay in the environment for years. PFA’s can come from food packaging as well as waterproof or stain repellents. Most of the PFA’s that are found in the water supply are related to carbon and fluoride. As these chemicals don’t break down quickly, they can build up in our bodies and cause a cancer risk if there are high trace amounts in the water supply.


Adding chlorine into your drinking water can kill off bacteria and prevent organisms from growing. Waterborne diseases, like typhoid and cholera, can be killed off easily with these disinfectants but the by-products in the water supply show a link towards liver, kidney, intestinal and bladder cancer. 


This is a common chemical that occurs in soil naturally. It can leach its way into the water supply through groundwater and cause complications with stomach cancer, skin burns, and problems during childbirth. 

The simplest way that you can cut these chemicals definitively out of your water supply is to consider the option for a water filtration device in your home. By using one of these devices on your main faucet or a whole home water system, you can enjoy clean water with confidence. Contact us today to get a full home water filtration system installed.