Myths About Water Softeners

Myths About Water Softeners

Myths About Water Softeners

There is a wide range of myths surrounding the use of water softeners for home use. Even the water softeners can make life extremely convenient for many homeowners, there’s a massive number of rumors circulating about water softeners and what they can provide inside your home.   Here are some of the top myths about water softeners and what you can expect from installing them.

Water Softeners Will Put Extra Salt In Your Water

Many people feel that the water softeners can make their water extra salty and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The common misconception is that water softeners add water softener into your water through the water softener salt that is regularly poured into the softener tank. The mineral tank on your water softener is responsible for replacing hard minerals in your water and this means using sodium to remove the ions from the negative components in your water supply. 

The Amount Of Residual Sodium And Salt And Water Is Unhealthy To Your Health

The sodium that sentiment softened water is not unhealthy and the typical amount of sodium measured in softened water is extremely small. With such a small amount of sodium being found in softened water, the impact on your health is minimal. Added sodium will offer no risk to any healthy adult. 

Water Softeners Will Purify Water

A water softener works to remove the components of hard water but it’s very important to consider a water filtration system for filtering contaminants. You may need to look at types of in-home filtration systems that can remove sulfur or iron from your water supply.

A Water Softener Will Take Away Healthy Minerals From Your Water Supply

When many people hear about the idea of minerals being removed from their water supply, they think that the softening process will be removing items that can be imported from your water. Calcium and magnesium can be beneficial to bone health but absorbing these items in your water supply is not the ideal way to add these minerals to your diet. Consider eating a balanced diet or choosing a multivitamin instead. 

Soft Water Will Leave Film On Your Appliances Or Your Skin

It’s likely that your skin may feel different the first time that you shower after installing a water softener. Many people feel as though their skin feels extra slimy after they take their first shower, this doesn’t come down to a film being left on your skin but rather a soap that isn’t properly washed away. This is because you likely need far less soap to get squeaky clean with soft water. Scale back the amount of soap and shampoo do you use the first time that you take a shower. 

Water Softeners Will Wastewater And Energy Over Time

Some water softeners can expel more energy and water as well as salt through the regeneration process. This is a natural part of the process and regularly cycling the system will help you to recharge the device with sodium ions. High-efficiency models are an excellent way to manage this technology and cut down on waste. Contact us for estimates and installments.