Is Your Tap Water at Risk?

If you are connected to the public water line for your water supply, it is possible that your drinking water may be at an increased risk. Lead pipes are still prevalent throughout the country and they remain carrying water throughout the supply over time. Is your tap water at risk from America’s aging water pipes? 

Under a 2012 report from the American water works association, there were still millions of miles of this piping that needs replacement or repair. Under some of these estimates, it would cost the US more than $1 trillion. Without an investment in this piping, there would be an increased risk for emergency repairs, water service disruption and pollution. 

Some of the most devastating contaminations in the past such as Flint Michigan could have been preventable without the massive supply of lead piping in the USA. 

Getting clean drinking water should be accessible for every family. Even though the infrastructure for plumbing across the USA is in decline, choosing a filtration option to remove the harmful contaminants from your water supply can at least make sure that the water you receive from your tap will be clean.

Most of the pipes that are installed under major cities in the USA date back to 1945 and earlier. Aging and corrosion can slowly work away at these pipes but as the average usable lifespan of the materials can be up to 120 years, leaks and major problems may not have occurred in every aspect of the water supply. 

Pipes used in main water distribution are made with metals like galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and more. Because the aging water pipes are eroding with the immense pressure and wear placed on them, this can lead to more environmental factors in the water supply. Surrounding soil and other factors can lead to chemicals and salts being dissolved into the water supply through the aging pipes.

Pipe Corrosion And Water Quality

As pipes keep corroding, the walls of the pipe will become compromised. There are harmful contaminants like heavy metals and minerals that can dislodge from the interior walls of the pipe. This leads to small particles in your drinking water and in your home water supply. If your home was built before 1981, this is likely a common problem.

Pipe corrosion and leaching is usually something you can spot with the odor of your water, the taste and the visual look of the water. The microbes in your water supply can produce a poor taste and powerful odors. If you are seeing some of the early signs of contamination, consider a filtration intervention immediately.

How Can I Be Affected By Pollution From The Main Water Supply?

Heavy Metal Contamination

The water that comes through your home with aging pipes may leach dissolved lead, copper, iron, cadmium and more into your drinking water. Several of these materials may also leave stains around bathroom fixtures and sinks that can give groundwater a poor taste. 

Bacteria And Viruses

There are 240,000 water main breaks each year in the USA that can account to leaching of waste into rivers and wastewater. Aging treatment plants also fail to remove bacteria and parasites which can lead to compounds finding their way into the water supply. If your drinking water smells of rotten eggs or sewage it is advised to consider changing to a new filtration method.

Low Water Pressure

When pipes have a chance to clog and cause low water pressure, you can start to see effects from your hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machines and more. You may notice the difference in the shower and with all of your appliances.

Higher Water Bills

The failing infrastructure in America will require ongoing work. As Americans will likely need to pay for these improvements through their utility bills, there is a chance that there will be significant increases in water bills over time. The costs of frequent repairs and water main breaks can be a serious issue for the future and in future utility bill costs.

If you would like to protect your water supply, consider speaking to one of our professionals regarding whole home water filtration or filtration at the tap site for your needs. the next time you as ” Is Your Tap Water at Risk” Contact us today.