Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water?

Florida is a hot place, sometimes the most relaxing thing you can do for yourself is just grab a nice glass of ice cold water! Thousands of Floridians regularly drink from their tap water and utilize it for everything kitchen related, from freezing it for ice to using it for cooking soups and stews, water has a huge part to play in our cooking as well. Is it safe to drink tap water? It depends on who you ask that question to; what is undeniable is the fact that contaminants and pollutants regularly end up in the water supply and there is a chance that these will be present in your water when you pull it for use. 

The water that comes from your tap is filtered for safe use through a centralized water treatment plant, usually run by the city or town that you live in. The government has a set of standards that dictates the level of purity water must be when it comes through the water treatment process, they test the water as it leaves the facility to uphold these standards. While that’s all fine and dandy, the tap water still has to travel through the public water supply to make its way to your home or business, there’s always the chance that the water can encounter these contaminants as it makes its way to your faucet! 

Contaminants Commonly Found In Tap Water

There are a good number of contaminants that can be found in your tap water. They come from a variety of sources; some enter the supply before it reaches your property and others can be deposited by corrosion of your plumbing system.

    • Lead: this toxic metal can find its way into your tap water via a few methods: old plumbing systems often have corrosion which can make way for lead contamination. Natural deposits of lead can also break down and make their way into the public drinking water supply. Lead is extremely unsafe and causes major damage in even low doses.
    • Herbicides and Pesticides: these methods for controlling pests and unwanted plant growth are notorious for soaking deep into soil deposits and finding their way into the public drinking water supply. This is especially common in rural areas, thanks to the large amount of farming, but they can be combated with the right whole home water filtration system!
    • Chlorine: chlorine is commonly utilized by city health officials to help control the microbe population present in the public drinking water supply. While not the worst when ingested, chlorine has terrible side effects on your skin and hair. Chlorine absorbs easily into the skin, and helps cause and agitate many common skin problems. It also works to dry out hair and cause roots to fall out, which may lead to hair damage and loss. Removing this from your water supply is a great way to improve your skin and hair health. Soft water free of chlorine is amazing for the skin and keeping your hair happy and healthy.

Is it safe to drink tap water? I could or it couldn’t be, but there’s no reason to run the risk. Even if its safe to drink, the public water supply is still terrible for your skin and hair health. It’s also rough on your appliances, using appliances with hard public water can cut into their lifespan! Avoid the hassle and go with a whole home water filtration system and water softener. It can work to make your water safer to drink and better for your health! Contact us today for more information!