Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy a Water Softener For Your Home?

Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy a Water Softener For Your Home?Do you find that your clothing is starting to fade or yellow? Have you noticed that your towels are feeling extra crunchy? Are your shower heads and faucets starting to clog? If you notice some of these signs there’s a good chance that you could be experiencing some of the initial stages of hard water. Additional problems can also occur as your water heater will continue to use hard water which can reduce its efficiency and improve the need for maintenance over time. One of the best solutions to these issues is to install a water softener. There’s a lot that you’ll need to consider before actually installing one of these systems for your home. The maintenance and overall costs are the two most important things to check before investing in a quality water softener. Another common consideration that people need to make is whether to buy or rent a water softener for their home.

The Extended Costs of Water Softener Rentals

Renting a water softener may seem like a good idea when you first think about it. Many dealers offer this as an alternative because it can spread the upfront costs of purchasing a system out over time. Rather than paying for the full cost of a water softener upfront, all the costs are pushed back including maintenance, repairs and other items under a monthly payment. This is a fairly short-term solution but renting remains a simple option for those that just want one fee for their whole water softener.

Water softener renters may also have to commit to a contract. It’s likely that renters may face a contract term of 12 months and they need to be comfortable with this as a fixed cost for them to get access to soft water. The newest model of water softener is likely to provide you with quality water and continue operating efficiently. As you may notice with your rental, it’s likely that you may never need a type of repairs as long as you are performing ongoing maintenance.

Another challenge that people encounter with renting systems is the idea of installing a system in their home that they don’t own while also completely changing the plumbing system. It could be difficult to obtain landlord permission in order to change plumbing fixtures. 

A rental water softener from a company may also be a used or refurbished product. Property owners may find themselves with a unit that has been installed which is not as efficient as the latest products on the market that could be purchased.

The Benefits of Buying a Water Softener

Purchasing a brand-new water software can often come with many benefits including cost savings. Brand-new units are going to run much more efficiently and you’ll have the option to pick out a system that has some of the best features. Renting the unit could mean getting a used product that is older.

The latest smart water softener technology can reduce water and salt that passes through the unit by as much as 50%. This could mean saving hundreds of gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of salt every year.

Owning a new water softener can also reduce costs throughout your home. A one-time payment will provide you with continuous savings as your dishwasher will be using 70% less soap, your washing machines will use 50% less detergent and you will be using less soap in the shower as well.

You’ll also have access to improved flexibility, you can choose a system that has advanced technology with even the option to control the unit from your smartphone for improved efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about why buying a water softener is better than renting one, contact us today!