How a Home Water Filter Improves Skin

How a Home Water Filter Improves SkinIf you feel as though you are facing any type of irritation on your skin one of the first things to look for is the cause. Eliminating the source of irritation and problems with your skin can be a surefire way that you can maintain healthier skin every day. Rather than immediately looking towards a cream or treatment plan, taking a look at your water supply can be a great way that you could see if impurities could be causing your skin problems. Even with the most rigorous plan for treating your skin, without the right water to properly cleanse and treat your skin it’s likely that you may continue to run into problems with skin irritation. Here is how a home water filter improves skin and how installing one of these systems can be a benefit for your home!

Managing Hard Water

About 85% of the homes across the United States are receiving some form of hard water through their municipal water supply. Hard water contains extra minerals which make their way into the groundwater supply. The problem with the extra minerals in hard water is that they can build on surfaces this can leave stains and buildup. This can start to affect your skin over time. Using a whole home water filtration system will work to manage hard water and improve your skin care in some of these top ways!

It Will Improve the Hydration of Your Skin

After installing a complete home water filtration system you’ll start to notice that your skin can feel more moisturized every day. Installing one of these systems can make sure that after a bath or after washing your face, you will experience better levels of moisture in the skin even without regularly applying moisturizer!

Preventing Irritation in Your Skin

A home water filter can remove some of the microorganisms that cause extra chemical contaminants in the water and hurt your skin over time. By removing some of these contaminants you can make sure that your skin will experience less irritants and less chance for rashing.

Slowing the Process of Aging

Using soft water will help to slow the process of aging by making sure that you can experience less of a breakdown in your collagen. Keeping your skin healthy and moist will slow down the aging process and make sure you can enjoy healthier skin over the long term.

Minimizing Acne Breakouts

A home water filtration system can also be a helpful tool for minimizing the chance of acne breakouts. If you suffer from acne currently, installing one of these systems could be an excellent tool that you can use to improve your skin care and reduce the instances of acne happening daily. Calcium and magnesium ions will bind to your skin and can change the chemistry of the natural moisturizing oils in your skin cells. Making sure that these items don’t have a chance to bond can help to preserve your skin over the long term and keep it looking its best.

If you would like to learn more about whole home water filtration systems and how they can benefit your skin care, contact us today! We want to make a positive change in your home.