Finding The Best Location For a Water Softener

Finding The Best Location For a Water SoftenerIf you have made a decision to get a new water softener so that you can address your home’s hard water, it may be important to answer some of the questions that you have about problems that you’re facing before you consider installing a water softener. The best place to have this equipment installed can optimize its ability to run and ensure that you can get the best experience out of your water softener installation. Where is the best location for a water softener in your house?

The First Step to Success

As you are considering your installation, the first thing you’ll need to consider and understand is your household needs for water. Knowing this information up front can make sure that you can determine the overall type and size of the software that is needed to treat your home. The size of the appliance will also determine how much space you will need for the installation process. A water treatment professional can determine the appropriate size needed for your installation by checking into several factors. You can check the flow rate, the amount of water that your household uses as well as the quality of your water before the installation process.

Considering the flow rate, so that your home does not run out of softened water can involve some calculations as well. Your flow rate will be measured in gallons per minute and it’s determined by the amount of water that’s drawn from all of your appliances and fixtures. If you don’t consider the flow rate when you’re installing a system, you could limit the total amount of water that your softener is able to produce. This can also lead to water hardness coming through the system and a decreased water pressure.

Water usage is also a big factor associated with the installation of a water softener. The usage of your water determines what the average person will be using per day. It’s estimated that the average person will use between 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. This may sound like an impressive number but when you consider the amount of times that you wash her hands, use the shower, flush a toilet and do laundry on a given week, it can be easy for you to start consuming gallons of water quickly. To determine the size of the software that you might need for your home, you’ll need to think about the number of people and multiply the number of gallons the average person will use by the number of people that are in your home.

Water treatment professionals will also perform testing on the hardness of your water. The hardness is indicated by the amount of magnesium and calcium that can be found in your water. It’s measured in grains per gallon and this will determine the amount that’s required for your water softener to use to maintain water quality.

Before you install any type of water softener it is important to speak with a treatment professional to conduct a complete and comprehensive water test. This can determine which equipment will efficiently treat your water and accommodate the needs of your household. With an improved understanding of the equipment that you need, you’ll be able to get the ideal system for your home.

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