Do I Need to Drink Filtered Water or Is the Tap Okay?

This article will answer the question do I need to drink filtered water or is the tap okay?

Do I Need To Drink Filtered Water Or Is The Tap Okay?

There are several commodities today that are based on the quality that they are associated with. A degraded quality could be unacceptable for such commodities and result in several mishaps or harmful after effects. To avoid this, quite a lot of efforts are put forward to maintain the standards of these commodities. Not only has this been the area of concern but also resulted in quite a lot of doubts over the safer kind. One such commodity is water, with doubts over the type of water that is safer comparatively. This article will answer the question do I need to drink filtered water or is the tap okay?

Different types of potable water

To understand the difference and provide a justified answer to this query, it is of extreme importance to be aware of the types of water that are available for drinking. The differences between the three types, tap water, filtered water, and bottled water must be noted well to understand their effects on the health of individuals.

Tap water

Tap water as the name suggests is supplied by the local bodies of the city from the accessible source of water. They may be extracted from some local water bodies like lakes or wells. The water from lakes and water bodies is usually treated to remove the excess amounts of salts and maintain the PH levels; however, the well water does not undergo such processes. The fluoride and calcium in excess amounts make the water non-consumable. It is why people with health issues are not advised to drink well water. The contaminants could pose severe risks to the health of such individuals and hence require a proper treatment of water before consumption. 

Filtered water 

The present world demands water that could be consumed without any worries of contaminants and excessive proportions of salts, which would not affect their fitness levels. To account for these needs, as the name suggests, this type of water is filtered before its usage. The modern-day lifestyle has brought pollutants from various sources such as farmlands which use pesticides and insecticides, which eventually flow to the water streams and contaminate them. These cannot be removed easily, since they dissolve in the water and pose serious harm if consumed. To account for their suitability, proper treatment to nullify these chemicals and also remove any traces of bacteria has to be carried out to make the water drinkable. This could be done through high-pressure jets or chemical processes depending on the component to be removed and nullified. 

Bottled water

The need for extremely focused filter water has risen over the years among athletes, sportspersons, and celebrities. It is for the maintenance of their fitness and health, but even this water could pose harm if not filtered as said about the bottled water. There are various cases of fraud to gather a massive sum of money from them. So always check if you are purchasing the original quality bottled water. 

Having said this, the tap water is the least treated water and could be home to various bacteria and contaminants that require extra treatments by physical and chemical processes. So they might not be as safe an option as filtered water. Water sustains the biological processes necessary for survival. And so choosing the best quality is a must keeping the expense and practicality in mind. So if you are a low immune individual, always prefer against the use of drinking water from taps and prefer filtered water. Contact Eco Water Solutions for more information and cleaner water.