Benefits of a Water Filter System for Your Home

Benefits of a Water Filter System for Your HomeThere are millions of Americans that are trusting in their home water supply as it is delivered from the treatment plant. Having filtered tap water may be seen as a luxury, but in today’s day and age it’s often considered a necessity depending on the area that you live. There are many contaminants in water systems that can occur as a result of nearby factories, underground pollution and more.

Using a home water filtration system can be one of the best ways to make sure that you can remove contaminants from your water no matter how it is getting into the supply. There are a number of factors that could lead to the contamination of your water and this is why so many homeowners are choosing to take action and install whole home water filtration systems to make sure the water coming out of the tap is always going to be at its best. In order to find out what is in your water it’s important to get a professional to do a thorough water test. The benefits of a water filter system come from removing the following contaminants from your water supply.

Biological Contaminants

Biological contaminants can be some of the worst contaminants contained in your water supply. They can include things like E. coli, norovirus, giardia and more.

Inorganic and Organic Chemicals

Lead, nitrates, arsenic and more can be the cause of serious illness and even cancer. The runoff of these various chemicals can occur from agricultural pesticides, landscaping and more.

Hard Water Minerals

Even if your water does not test positive for the above harmful contaminants, you could have hard water which leads to calcium deposits in your pipes which can affect water pressure and eventually the efficiency and cleanliness of your water supply. Installing a water filtration system can be one of the best ways to support the well-being of your family. Full home water filtration systems can remove levels of chlorine, minerals, synthetic substances and more.

Using a home filtration system can reduce the amount of exposure to chlorine you experience when you are using your home water supply. A whole home water filtration system can be wise for reducing your exposure as you are using the sink, the shower, your tap and more. 

The Drawbacks of These Systems

A whole home water filtration system will often cost more than a point of use system. They often require a professional to install as well. These are small drawbacks but are often well worth it for the many benefits they bring to your home. If you’re buying bottled water, you’ll already be saving money after the first few months of using the system!

In order to mitigate hard water and have the option to use systems like reverse osmosis in their best format, it is important that you consider a water softener before you install the water filtration system. Softening your water before you take the option to filter your water can make sure that the process can be done more effectively and it can ensure that your water use can be more efficient across almost every appliance in your home.

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